Thursday, July 9, 2009

134/365 : Dirt

133/365 : Hot Off The Grill

132/365 : Settling In

131/365 : Purple Wedding

130/365 : Overhead

129/365 : Oh Thank Heaven For 7-11

128/365 : New Balance

I run
Not to anywhere,
Not away from anybody.
I run just to run,
To make my heart wham,
My eyes blur,
My side pain sharply.

I slow down at last,
Gulping the sweet air,
Almost crying . . .

I'm crazy.

But there was nobody ahead of me
Down that whole, long, waiting stretch of
sun-bare sidewalk!

Oh, it was like a bird flying,
Like a song,
Like a shout!

I was freedom.
-Afternoon in March
Jean Little

127/365 : Hip Hip Hooray, It's Canada Day!

June Retrospective

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